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SMT2 is a State of the Art Synthetic Anti-friction Metal Treatment fully tested in the most extreme load and high temperature conditions with the most astounding outcomes. Because this SMT2 synthetic fluid is the opposite polarity to metal the SMT2 molecules deny metal to metal contact where ever extreme loads and high temperatures take place between moving parts. SMT2 is designed for LPT environments – High Load, Extreme Pressure and High Temperature..

When SMT2 was tested on the FALEX PIN AND Vee Block test rig at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) the test rig maxxed out at 4,500 ft lbs withour failing the SMT2 added at 10% to Shell Spirax 85w/140 Differential Oil.The Shell Spirax 85w/140 had failed at 3000 ft lbs prior to adding the SMT2 .

Under this extreme load of 4500 ft lbs SMT2 surpassed the maximum load this test could apply.

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SMT2500 – 500ML BOTTLE, SMT21000 – 1000ML BOTTLE, SMT25000 – 5000ML DRUM, SMT215000 – 15000ML DRUM


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