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SMT3 is the latest technology especially made to enhance fuel systems in Trucks, Generators, Equipment, 4WDs and Cars (both un-leaded and diesel). The addition of SMT3 to fuel can remove and control contaminants. Also SMT3 can improve both power output and fuel consumption by up to 5%. SMT3 can remove sludge and biological growth in diesel fuel systems. Gum and resin build up on injectors will compromise fuel efficient spray patterns resulting in inefficient fuel consumption. SMT3 also provides upper cylinder lubrication and can stabilise Un-leaded Petrol. Diesel can develop Diesel Bug both in Fuel Systems and Bulk Tanks this is where SMT3 is invaluable as it acts as a Bug Killer maintaining the integrity of Diesel Fuel and Fuel Pumps and Systems.
SMT3 can be Drip fed into intake manifold to treat the upper cylinder compartments of LPG fueled Engines

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SMT3350 – 350ML BOTTLE, SMT31000 – 1000ML BOTTLE