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“Example of possible SMT2savings:- 120 Prime Movers Ben to Syd return doing 500,000Km each per year. The economy usually about 1.5 Kemper 1Ltr. Total fuel usage can be approx 333,000 Ltrs per truck yearly therefore approx total fuel cost is $367,000.00/truck. Tests on 3 Mack Trucks gave 15% better economy. If we can cut the fuel consumption by only 5% then potential savings on 120 trucks can be $2.2 million. Cost of SMT2 to treat all these trucks approx $300,000.00, therefore, savings can be about $1.9Million per year if all trucks are running SMT2.”

"I owned a 1981 Mercedes Benz 240d manual
Baby blue in colour with 300000km
Before I put smt2 into the oil, I was getting 800km out of one tank of diesel. With a new oil change and adding SMT 2 to the motor, I am getting 900 km out of a tank of fuel”

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